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KIDZCHOICE Pediatrics is a pediatric practice serving infants, children, and adolescents from a friendly Miami, Florida, office. The team of pediatricians emphasizes the importance of providing educational resources and takes the time to teach kids and families about health.

The team at KIDZCHOICE Pediatrics offers high-quality health care using the most advanced medical philosophies and equipment. They recognize the strong link between a child’s physical and mental wellness, offering expert neurological care with a pediatric neurologist on the team. They provide pediatric neurology consultations for children of all ages experiencing central or peripheral nervous system complications.

New parents can feel confident in bringing their children in for newborn care. The team makes sure that kids stay on track with the vaccines they need starting with their very first visit just 3-5 days after birth. They also provide intensive education for parents about available immunizations.

Through every stage of growth and development, kids can visit providers who they know and recognize at KIDZCHOICE Pediatrics for age-specific well child visits, teen wellness visits, and sick visits. The team offers long- and short-term care for allergies, asthma, cold and flu, COVID-19, neurology disorders, and countless other conditions.

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Our Mission

KIDZCHOICE Pediatrics is committed to the education of parents and children to pursue their best health and wellness. It is our mission to serve you and your children with the best techniques for a prosperous life.


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