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Well child visits let you track milestones as your child grows to get personalized answers about their health. At KIDZCHOICE Pediatrics in Miami, Florida, the team educates kids and parents on the importance of routine health care, including vaccines and well child visits. To set up an appointment for your child, call KIDZCHOICE Pediatrics or book online today.

Well Child Visits Q&A

What are well child visits?

Well child visits are check-ups for your child. The team at KIDZCHOICE Pediatrics tracks your child’s growth and development starting in infancy and regularly after that until they reach age 18 or 21. 

A well child visit is a time for you to ask questions. While the appointment involves a physical exam, vaccination updates, and some other components depending on your child’s age and health, it’s also an opportunity for you to gather valuable information about your child’s wellness and how to improve it at home. 

What happens during a well child visit?

Every well child visit starts with a review of your child’s medical history and your family medical history. The KIDZCHOICE Pediatrics team measures your child’s height and weight and takes other readings like your child’s blood pressure and heart rate.

Next comes the physical examination. The team observes your child, looking for any abnormal features or behaviors that could indicate an underlying physical health issue or developmental condition. Then, they feel your child’s lymph nodes and organs for any abnormalities during the palpation phase of the physical. 

After the physical, the KIDZCHOICE Pediatrics team asks questions about your child’s growth, development, and behavior. They teach you and your child about nutrition, fitness, and other important parts of health and wellness. 

Sometimes, other steps are necessary like vaccine updates and blood testing. The team tells you exactly which services your child needs and the benefits. 

What are the benefits of well child visits?

Bringing your child in for well-child visits frequently until they turn three, and then once a year afterward, is a key step in making health a priority in your household. Scheduling your child for all of their well child visits helps them stay on track with growth and development. 

The benefits of these exams include:

  • Early detection of health and development issues
  • An opportunity to learn and ask questions
  • An opportunity to raise concerns
  • Growth tracking and comparison
  • Disease prevention with vaccinations

Over your child’s well-child visits, your family gets to know and trust the team at KIDZCHOICE Pediatrics. The team also gets to know you, and they can individualize your child’s health care according to their needs. 

Every child needs well child visits, and you should find a provider you trust for them before your child is born. If it’s time for your child’s next well child visit, schedule an appointment over the phone or online at KIDZCHOICE Pediatrics today.